May 28, 2012

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Your host speeds three curves ahead of the curve others are behind to release TMILY: the too much information social app. TMILY is for those who need some entrepreneurial verve and innovational vim in their lives. And for the skeptics: Tim Hwang tells us about his Hype Up Weekend and Michael Wolff discusses the ridiculously popular piece he wrote on Facebook for MIT’s Technology Review PLUS TMILY’s IPO! Yes, that’s right I. P. O. !!!

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  3. I massively enjoyed the TMILY app. episode, so thanks. Brie in the pockets: very good. Also, went to follow you on twitter and twitter feed is not there? I suspect you are using a different one. Might wanna add it to your website as nerds like me will heartily follow it for the next hint of how and when we can achieve our ski slope laden future.

    Also: Sheesh. Can I contribute to your radio show some how? I mean verbal audio enthusiasm style contribution. I live in Mumbai and work in IXD for mobile apps. And I do like 10 million other things since it’s a start up including branding and add stuff where we hinge on ideas like “Innovation, industry disruption, and BRANDS!” This place is nuts. I go to conferences here and try not to laugh, throw tomatoes or alternately cheer because every now and then someone does say something amazing! I can give you an earful or colorful writing material if you’re up for it an if every other jerk isn’t sending you “replies” that offer the same.

    All the best and keep it up~
    Ally Reeves

  4. Alex

    my body is melting

    benjamin walker is good

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