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It’s All Over

January 23, 2011

“GS” recalls how Bad Karma took him from Devon, England to the C.U.T. bomb shelters in Montana. Author Robert Brockway explains how Everything is going to kill Everybody and Matt Jarvis explains what it means to be a Prepper. Pamela Walt has Bad Vibes in general and our DC correspondent “Chris” has Bad Vibes about the Tea Party. Also Astronomer Chris Impey explains how Dark Energy is the ending of all endings.

Beyond The Fruited Plain (Part I)

January 23, 2011

First of a three part series on America and the Tea Party. Journalist Will Bunch talks about the two years he spent researching his book “Backlash;” Historian Zoe Trodd explains how the idea of protest gets appropriated by groups like the KKK, the White Citizens councils of the 1950s, and the Tea Party of today; Photographer Richard Misrach photographs the voice of the people; your host recalls the first right wing person he ever met (his college roommate); and the TMI Washington D.C. correspondent starts a twisted journey into the secret depths of a conspiracy.

Beyond The Fruited Plain (Part II)

January 23, 2011

Historian Jill Lepore talks Tea Party History. Alec Soth photographs from the Middle, Andrea S discovers the Middle, and your host fears the Middle! Plus TMi’s “Chris” learns more about who is really pulling the strings.

Beyond The Fruited Plain (Part III)

January 22, 2011

Our series wraps up this week with Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi explaining why the Tea Party is full of shit. Naomi Harris takes us into the world of overweight swingers from the the Bible Belt. Your host suggests the ‘rant heard round the world’ is fake (or at least disingenuous). Internet activist Zephyr Teachout explains how a political opportunity was lost. Cartoonist Tim Kreider fears the return of the madness, and TMI’s man in DC goes to New Orleans to do something while your host goes to the Stewart/Colbert rally.