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doing it for the LULZ

April 10, 2012

Infamous internet troll Weev tells us all about the day when the Lulz was born. Gabriella Coleman schools us in Lulz theory. Director Brian Knappenberger tells us why he put lulz in his new movie (and why the moral fags hate the lulz). Daniel Hernandez, and Shauna Dillavou tell us about Narco Lulz, and Molly Sauter tells us what the media makes of the Lulz. + TMI’s “Chris” does whippits with Krazy Freddy from the FBI!

Too Much Internet

March 22, 2011

Your host gets Internet overload at South By SouthWest Interactive, and gets a lesson in Branded Media and Coupons. Paul Ford explains why the Internet is a customer service medium and TMI’s Chris tells us about Operation Persona. For more information visit the WFMU TMI page