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May 28, 2012

Your host speeds three curves ahead of the curve others are behind to release TMILY: the too much information social app. TMILY is for those who need some entrepreneurial verve and innovational vim in their lives. And for the skeptics: Tim Hwang tells us about his Hype Up Weekend and Michael Wolff discusses the ridiculously popular piece he wrote on Facebook for MIT’s Technology Review PLUS TMILY’s IPO! Yes, that’s right I. P. O. !!!

Occupy Siberia (the Truth about Social Media)

November 29, 2011

Your host gets invited to Siberia… strange things happen. PLUS some real advice about social media

Music Beds: Dam Funk, The Fields, and Damu The Fudgemunk


September 20, 2011

This week TMI explores the world of pseudonyms. Carmela Ciuraru talks about some of the authors she profiles in her book Nom de Plume, Dan Sinker tells us about @MayorEmanuel the fake twitter pseudonym he created for Rahm Emanuel, Andy Carvin, Jillian York and Meg Worley weigh in on #nymwars. And Artist Chris Collins attempts to learn the story behind the handle Tyepilot. PLUS TMI’s special corespondent takes us inside the top secret world of rebranding.

Net Delusions

February 8, 2011

Listen to the Internet revolution live from Tahrir Square. Also, Gay activists use Facebook to fight for freedom. Billy Jam reports on the KUSF community radio shutdown and Evgeny Morosov talks about his new book “Net Delusion.” PLUS Message Party!