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The Difference Between Giving and Taking (a conversation with Chester Brown)

May 16, 2011

Cartoonist Chester Brown talks about his new book “Paying For it” – a graphic novel about his life as a john. In 1996 Brown, a well known Canadian cartoonist, breaks up with his girlfriend. After three years without sex, he decides to investigate Toronto’s prostitution scene.


May 3, 2011

Is it possible to understand the relationship we have with Porn in the digital age without sounding like wankers or prudes? This is an attempt:@jim_colgan tells us how the rest of the world does it, @gramponante explains what a Porn journalist does, @girlvert talks about her porn memoir, @ColleenKane was one of the last people to work at the porn magazine, @rollertrain still works at the porn shack, Ruwen Ogien talks porn philosophy and Gemma Sieff shows us a connection between porn and war.

Free To Behave Like A Fool Or A Machine

February 15, 2011

Ada Calhoun shows us just how much she can find out about us while Andrew Keen tells us sharing is endangering our humanity. Alex Morris tells us what the internet has done to young love and Nick Van Der Kolk tells ‘us what OK Cupid has done for his love life. PLUS: Your host visits an exhibit celebrating Cable Access TV from the early 80s and Didier Bigo explains his theory of the ‘Data Double.’