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Be Thankful For What You’ve Got

August 9, 2011

This week we celebrate the 50th episode of Too Much Information! Your host decides to clean out his drawers and air all the recordings he hasn’t yet used. Peter Choyce explains why some of his problems are first world problems while others are third world problems. Laura Mayer tells us about her history with Weather Problems and Pierre-Louis Colin takes us on the streets of Paris to pass time watching girls. PLUS we hear from two cartoonists: Tony Millionaire and Christophe Blain (the oldest recording of the bunch – July 2009).

Kicking Against The Pricks

January 23, 2011

Peter Choyce has problems with his noisy neighbors, Laura Mayer has problems with Beer Pong, Galeb Numa has problems with profiling, “chris” has problems with the BP Oil Spill, and your host has a big problem with Chat Roulette. Plus a feature on Kickstarter.com For more information visit the WFMU TMI page.