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October 4, 2011

The ancients said that the Pirate was the enemy of all mankind. Mzwakhe Mbuli wants to Shoot the Pirate, and Olga Sezneva says Russia is doing its best (in its own way) to solve the problem as well. We hear from a real Somali Pirate who will be in an upcoming documentary made by David Cálek. Adrian Johns tells us about the birth of the Pirate listener and the death of Pirate Radio. PLUS Tim Kreider on Errol Flynn!

The Invisible Hand

June 7, 2011

French blogger M.A.B. tells us about Le Barbe and the real certain truth about l’affair DSK. Your host examines the roles conspiracy and serendipity play in explaining how things really work. Justin Blum explains why the Justice department hasn’t charged anyone with wrecking the economy yet. Nancy Koan finds a laptop still streaming emails from Goldman Sachs. We meet a band of Ayn Randians upset about the critical reaction to “Atlas Shrugged: the movie” PLUS: “Chris” lands a bizarre rent-a-cop gig woking for Alan Greenspan!