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Better Dead Than Red

January 23, 2011

Your Host travels to Russia! Translator Nurangiz Khodzharova has to babysit a Facebook consultant in Moscow. Sonya S tells us about the life of Andrei Platonov and filmmaker Alina Rudnitskaya tells us about her film Bitch Academy. Plus “Chris” tells us the truth about how the CIA made “Red Dawn” For more information visit the WFMU TMi page

Far Away, So Close

January 23, 2011

Michael Benson looks at deep space, Stan Gaz explores meteor craters, Mark Pilkington explains how the CIA screws with the UFO community and Kara T tries to make sense of it all. For more information visit the WFMU TMi page

Cultural Freedom

January 22, 2011

Jaak Kilmi talks about his childhood watching Finnish TV in Soviet Estonia and Anas Qtiesh talks about how Facebook is both banned and popular in Syria. Your host talks with Frances Stonor Saunders who wrote the seminal book on the CIA and Abstract Expressionism and we learn about Edward Hopper’s love of Reality. Plus a deep look at the CIA’s Operation Real World.