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Be Thankful For What You’ve Got

August 9, 2011

This week we celebrate the 50th episode of Too Much Information! Your host decides to clean out his drawers and air all the recordings he hasn’t yet used. Peter Choyce explains why some of his problems are first world problems while others are third world problems. Laura Mayer tells us about her history with Weather Problems and Pierre-Louis Colin takes us on the streets of Paris to pass time watching girls. PLUS we hear from two cartoonists: Tony Millionaire and Christophe Blain (the oldest recording of the bunch – July 2009).

The Difference Between Giving and Taking (a conversation with Chester Brown)

May 16, 2011

Cartoonist Chester Brown talks about his new book “Paying For it” – a graphic novel about his life as a john. In 1996 Brown, a well known Canadian cartoonist, breaks up with his girlfriend. After three years without sex, he decides to investigate Toronto’s prostitution scene.


January 23, 2011

Nart Villeneuve of the Information Warfare Project explains Stuxnet. Your Host has computer problems, and reads from Joseph Conrad’s Secret Agent. Alex Butterworth talks about Pyotr Rachkovsky the man who Conrad based “Mr. Vladimir” on. Julia Wertz talks about Drinking at the Movies, and Peter Choyce refuses to use text messaging.

Power of Negative Thinking

January 22, 2011

Barbara Ehrenreich says NO WAY to “Smile or Die”, Peter Choyce tries out Couchsurfing, Zig Ziglar Tweets, Jeet Heer ‘splains Little Orphan Annie, Hot Chicks smile at Ground Zero, Stacey Chillemi talks about the benefits of being positive while your host talks up the POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING

What’s In A Name

January 22, 2011

We take a trip round the web to meet fellow TMiers: the 2006 runner up cover band from Tuscon, a BBC radio comedy programme, a recent unemployed college graduate, and a strange cartoonist. Also we meet “Chris” the TMi Washington D.C. correspondent for the first time. Plus your host explains why he chose to name the program “Too Much Information” in the first place, and why a good name is the most important factor when creating a new radio show.

All You Have to do is Ask (TMI Wikileaks Special)

January 22, 2011

The internet illuminati tells us how to think about Wikileaks. For Ethan Zuckerman and Douglas Rushkoff, it’s kind of an “I Told You So” moment. Daniel Ellsberg explains why Bradley Manning is a better comparison than Julian Assange while Jillian York says FAIL to Time Magazine’s choice for person of the year. Cartoonist Joe Alterio draws the cables and Christopher Beam celebrates the diplomatic ‘talent’ pool. Plus Gabriella Coleman on Anonymous, Evgeny Morozov on DDOS, and your host asks “What Would China Do?”