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August 6, 2012

Writer Bill McKibben uses simple math to explain why the planet is toast. Your host goes to Atlanta to learn about the HOT lanes, Laura Mayer shares a tale about a hot bike and TMI’s Chris tells an impossible tale about America’s #1 Hot Topic. PLUS the debut of brand new regular TMI corespondent Josh Glenn.


May 28, 2012

Your host speeds three curves ahead of the curve others are behind to release TMILY: the too much information social app. TMILY is for those who need some entrepreneurial verve and innovational vim in their lives. And for the skeptics: Tim Hwang tells us about his Hype Up Weekend and Michael Wolff discusses the ridiculously popular piece he wrote on Facebook for MIT’s Technology Review PLUS TMILY’s IPO! Yes, that’s right I. P. O. !!!