9/12: The 10 year anniversary of America losing its freaking mind

September 13, 2011

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Host Benjamen Walker is joined by the journalists Jonathan Kay and Petra Bartosiewicz and they take listener calls. Jonathan Kay is the author of “Among the Truthers” a book about America’s growing conspiracy theory movement and the people who believe in them. Petra Bartosiewicz has been writing about the FBI’s hunt for terrorist networks and sleeper cells. Her soon-to-be-published book is called “The Best Terrorists We Could Find,” an investigation of terrorism trials in the U.S. since 9/11.

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  1. JT

    Listened to this. No doubt the manufacture of terrorists (via informants who design and even fund the plots) is quite parallel to the persistence of conspiracy theorists. You start with accepting your fear as a given, then you commit yourself to proving it real, facts be damned.

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